Fatwheels Adult Bicycle Training Wheels (Adult) Fatwheels Adult Bicycle Training Wheels (Adult) Fatwheels Adult Bicycle Training Wheels (Adult) Fatwheels Adult Bicycle Training Wheels (Adult) Fatwheels Adult Bicycle Training Wheels (Adult)
Fatwheels Adult Bicycle Training Wheels (Adult)

Fatwheels Adult Bicycle Training Wheels (Adult)

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At FATWHEELS®, quality and safety are their number one concern.

That is why their products are proudly made in the USA from high quality materials and are backed up by a "no-nonsense" guarantee of the integrity of all of their brackets and wheels.

Know the feeling of security that FATWHEELS® provide

+ Suitable For 24" - 27" Bicycles
+ Accommodates riders up to 250 lbs.
+ Does not require axle extenders
Note: Axle extenders can only be used on bikes with 24 or 26 TPI (threads per inch).

Children are not the only people who need training wheels.
Adults who have never learned to ride find them useful.

In many cases, people with special needs find Fatwheels training wheels nothing short of liberating!

Fatwheels have also enabled many children AND ADULTS with special needs to ride a bike!
Many people with Special Needs (Down Syndrome, Autism, and cerebral palsy, to name a few), have found that Fatwheels have opened new doors for outdoor recreation, which has resulted not only in physical improvements, but mental and emotional advancements as well.

Safety in bicycle riding should be a priority when choosing your equipment.
Riders who have not yet developed an adequate sense of balance may choose to utilize training wheels to provide stability.
During the learning process, and in some cases, throughout life, Fatwheels training wheels can make the difference between an active life and a sedentary one.

Fatwheels brackets made from 3/16" steel and coated with a corrosion-resistant finish.
All FATWHEELS® use a proprietary 12.5" fiberglass reinforced nylon wheels and are mounted on custom 3/8" axle shafts with heavy-duty bearings.
FATWHEELS® are specifically designed to provide support and stability to the rider - you won't be disappointed.

FatWheels are much more stable, durable, and offer much less rolling resistance than traditional training wheels, making them the first choice for safety conscious parents, regardless of the riding surface.

The proper choice of athletic equipment is always an important decision for both safety and effectiveness of the user.
When choosing training wheels, one must consider the age, size (both height and weight), and ability of the rider.

Most "mass market" style training wheels are targeted toward very small children, and are marginal performers, at best, for that application.
Any rider who has not developed the gross motor skills required to ride a "two wheeler", would be wise to look for at the more stable and durable solution - Fatwheels!

To fit a 1 piece pedal crank assembly with a 1/2" thread OR To fit a 3 piece pedal crank assembly with a 9/16" thread
These bicycle pedals are weighted on the bottom so that the pedals return to their upright position when the rider's foot is removed from the pedal. This "self-righting" feature enables the user to easily engage their foot. In addition, the large over-the-foot straps are adjustable on both sides allowing for a custom fit to the rider's foot. These pedals keep the individual's feet secure while they are pedaling which adds another layer of stability to their ride.

* Pedals are made with left and right hand threads and clearly marked for easy installation