Made in Itay Selle SMP Drakon Lady Saddle Selle SMP Drakon Lady Saddle Selle SMP Drakon Lady Saddle
Selle SMP Drakon Lady Saddle

Selle SMP Drakon Lady Saddle

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The Selle SMP Drakon Women's saddle shares the same structure and design as the Forma but with medium padding.

Selle SMP's patented saddles arise from extensive studies which analyzed the different positions used by cyclists in the various phases of a ride.
They looked at the constant interaction between the body and saddle.
Based on these studies, Selle SMP designed their saddles to prevent the genitals from getting squashed and to increase the blood flow to the leg muscles.

The central channel of the saddle varies in width to contour the body and allows continuous circulation of blood flow in the prostate, artery of the penis, scrotum and testicles.

The front section of the saddle, with its beak-shaped design, offers excellent support when pedaling hard.
The design of the outer mid-section is shaped to follow your thigh muscles to maximize blood circulation and pedaling power.

The overall weight of the rider is distributed throughout the saddle to offer comfort without sacrificing performance.

Made in Italy.

+ STANDARD RAILS / 285 grams
+ With Optional CARBON RAILS / 235 grams
+ Real Leather in the Black Version
+ Lorica Microfiber in the Color Versions
+ Casing: Elastomerized Nylon 12 Charged with Carbon Fiber
+ No Padding
+ AISI 304 tubular steel Frame
+ 276mm in length and 138mm in width
+ Recommended for: Sports and Leisure cycling