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The O-Synce navi2coach GPS is compatible with all ANT+ sensors and ANT+ power measuring systems.
If you already own ANT+ sensors and/or a ANT+ heart rate monitor, transfer them over to the navi2coach.
If you need new ones, they are available as navi2coach options

The navi2coach works with the world's first ANT+ remote control.

The navi2coach is the only GPS based bike computer available with a standard, interchangeable battery.
Use it for multi-day trips without access to a computer or a charger.
No special software is required to transfer or upload data as the navi2coach connects to any operating system without needing drivers.

Train, navigate and evaluate with the navi2coach

+ 73 grams
+ Aerodynamic design
+ Individually configurable data view
+ Offers athlete navigation, training control and geocaching

The Remote
The first wireless remote control with digital ANT+ radio transmission.
The ANT+remote - mountable left or on the right side of the handlebar – increases the ease of operation.
Only 3 buttons with six key functions simplify the handling of the navi2oach and increase the safety – the cyclist, with hands on handlebar, will be ready to react in any situation.
In addition to the control of the navi2coach in future you can drive any compatible smartphone by the ANT+remote via ANT+RF.
Thereby an app (which is under development) transfers the instruction of the ANT+remote to the smart phone device.
The 13g light ANT+remote can be mounted easily on all handlebars. Here the ANT+remote can be mounted on the left or on the right side of the handlebar.

Workout Function
The workout function guides you through every training session.
Create individual workouts using the free o-synce software which works seamlessly with Trainingsplan.com or upload internet Fit File Format data.
A range of timer functions (e.g. for nutrition) enables you to optimize processes even during competition.
Custom display configuration means you only see what you want or need.

In use the route is displayed as a track view with an additional arrow based navigation.
The zoom function allows you to see the route in detail.
GPX data can be directly loaded onto the device, multiple routes are supported.
Additional functions such as backtrack navigation, route inversion and the saving and access of POIs round off the specification.

The navi2coach allows you to join up with the popular "Geocaching” treasure hunts.
Simply enter the cache co-ordinates and allow the device to plot the route.
You can also plot a ride and play it back on the device.

Analyzing with pc
Via the included Micro-USB cable and the free to download software which works seamlessly with Trainingsplan.com you can easily document your training data, analyze your progress or simply have a look at some interesting statistics.
Why not compare your current workout with previous training sessions or have a look how the weather influences your performance?
The traininglab does not cost you anything but is an exciting tool for analysis and further improvement of your strength and endurance.

If you are a POLAR user, the polar-plugin allows you to transfer your training data from the polar-software or use your polar products with traininglab.

Train like a pro with Trainingsplan.com
Trainingsplan.com allows you to create training schedules which adapt to your needs.
If you are ill or have no time for a workout, your schedule will be re-calculated.
With an accommodating schedule you will always make the best out of your workout.

General functions
+ digital ANT+ transmission
+ time
+ date display
+ battery indicator
+ backlight

Cycling functions
+ current speed
+ average speed (current lap, last lap)
+ maximum speed
+ speed comparison indicator
+ odometer
+ trip odometer
+ roadbook

Cadence functions
+ cadence (current/ Ø current lap/ Ø last lap/ Ø total/ max.)

Altitude functions
+ current altitude
+ trip/total altitude
+ gradient functions

Heart rate functions (bpm/%)
+ heart rate (current/ Ø current lap/ Ø last lap/ Ø total/ max.)
+ heart rate zones
+ heart rate max. (user set)

Training functions
+ lap time
+ stopwatch
+ stage ride time
+ zone training
+ burned fat (compound)
+ calorie consumption
+ performance
+ summary of training

+ track view
+ additional navigation via turning arrow w/o maps
+ back Track
+ electromagnetic compass
+ date of record/ trip time
+ remaining time / distance / remaining distance
+ geocaching function

Other functions
+ 4 bike profiles adjustable
+ temperature
+ cache memory of 4000 hrs when 20 seconds recording interval
+ software for training analysis
+ coaching
+ setup via PC interface

+ 2“ black & white-display with 128x160 pixel resolution
+ 30 MB flash memory
+ charging via micro USB port
+ weight 73 grams
+ exchangeable battery
+ water resistant up to 3 bar(20 Meters/66 feet) - so it can be submersed or survive a torrential rain fall.
+ battery run time: 14 hours with 100% permanent GPS tracking and 1 second recording interval

+ The navi2coach does not, and will not, have a touch screen - the navi2coach remote is a safer approach.
+ The navi2coach has a replaceable battery - never have the problem of leaving for a ride with an uncharged device. Just keep an inexpensive Nokia battery, charged and ready to go.
+ With the newest firmware, the navi2coach altitude profile page lets you see what you have done, or if you are following a gps track, what is to come.
+ The navi2coach is lighter and smaller.
+ The navi2coach has a better display in daylight - easy to see.
+ The navi2coach holds 6 full pages of data - each holding up to 8 values.
+ With the navi2coach during the ride you can display HR maximum/average for each lap(interval)and maximum/average power per lap - Garmin only shows this after you download data to a PC.
+ With the navi2coach a standard .fit file will work with any training program.
+ The navi2coach can be plugged into a Mac or a PC as a USB Drive with no additional software.
+ With the navi2coach you can use great, free to download, Training Lab software from O-synce. This is also helpful for configuring the device's many data pages and user data profiles(only runs on PC).

In The Box
+ navi2coach
+ 750mAh battery pack
+ Micro USB cable
+ 2 Arm Bike holder with fastening parts
+ Quickstart guide

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