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Schlumpf Speed Drive

Schlumpf Speed Drive


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Schlumpf Drive units offer planetary, two-speed, gear-driven crank/bottom bracket systems that allow you to expand the gear range of a single-speed, fixed-gear, or internal gear hub-equipped bike while maintaining a clean look.

The Schlumpf Speed Drive is ideal for town bikes: single speeds, fixed gears, internal gear hub bikes, or bikes with only a single, rear, derailleur.

< P> It's also great for small-wheeled bikes to get a larger gear ratio without a huge physical chainring.

The close 1.65 overdrive ratio means shifts can be made more often and more comfortably.

Two gear ratios are available without the chain moving between gears, and there's no front derailleur, shifter, or cables to maintain or clutter up your bike. You simply shift with a quick heel movement against the push-button axle in the center of the crank arm.

The gearing systems use a clutch plate design that won't slip under power and requires very little maintenance.

This is the best Schlumpf model to combine with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 for those applications in which the gear range of the SPEEDHUB 500/14 is not enough.

+ 1.65 overdrive ratio (similar to a front derailleur shift)
+ Small physical chainring and larger effective chainring size in overdrive mode
+ Close range well suited for use with single speeds, fixed gears, internal gear hubs, and rear derailleurs
+ chainrings available in 27-40T
+ BCD spider also available for standard chainrings
+ BCD spider version can be used with two chainrings
+ Optional trouser guard available
+ Offers 868% gear range when combined with Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14