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Di Blasi R30 Hoist Di Blasi R30 Hoist Di Blasi R30 Hoist
Di Blasi R30 Hoist

Di Blasi R30 Hoist

The Di Blasi factory closes closes from August 1st through August 31st. As a result, we strongly advise customers to place their order as soon as possible - do not let someone else move you to the back of the line. If you have any questions about availability, please call us at 201-775-4274.

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The Di Blasi Car Hoist has no permanent fixings so you’ll be able to move it from car to car.
This is extremely helpful if you have more than one car in the household because it will not limit which car you take on your journey.

The strong and powerful frame is held in place by 14 rubber bumpers positioned to the front, rear sides, top and bottom.
These bumpers can be adjusted so that they’ll lock and secure the hoist to a wide range of different trunk spaces.

It will certainly have a positive impact on your life by taking the stress and strain from your day, leaving you to focus on the things that really matter - like what adventure you’re going to go on next!

If you are muttering to yourself, “but how do I power this thing?” the good news is that you have a couple of options.
The car hoist will run off your scooter battery or if that’s running low, it can be connected to your car battery with the help of a little converter.

Required trunk dimensions for DI BLASI standard lifter
ha = 75 cm / 29,5" maximum
hb = 64 cm / 25,2" minimum)
hc = 0 - 200 mm
hd = 90 cm / 35,5" minimum / 120 cm / 47" maximum
he = 52 cm / 16" minimum / 84 cm / 33" maximum

Customer is responsible for determining if the Hoist will fit customer's vehicle.
Customer is responsible for any electrical connections that might be necessary.
Customer is responsible for any assistance that might be necessary to insert the hoist in, or remove the hoist from, customer's vehicle.
This item is not a universal fit and does not fit every vehicle.