Di Blasi R32 Folding 5 Speed Italian Tricycle (Blemished)

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This Di Blasi R32 Folding 5 Speed Italian Tricycle is Brand New and on sale due to some minor paint blemishes that have been touched up.

This unit is solid in performance.

Only 1 available at this price in blue, in the Cadet Version Size.

Gearing: Standard 5 Speed Freewheel
Shifter: Standard Twist Shift on Rightside Handlebar
Brakes: Standard two brake levers (Right and Left)

If you need different or additional options, please see our regular R32 product's web page as they will not be available with this item.

This item comes with a free road helmet with no additional form to fill out, choose size and color in this product. Using a tape measure with inches as the units, measure around your head just above your eyebrows.

This item may not come in its original box.

This item is already in the United States and ships quickly.

The Di Blasi R32 folding trike has a low step through frame which makes it easier to ride.

The Di Blasi R32 folding trike is particularly adaptable for older adults and those with minor physical handicaps.
The Di Blasi R32 is also a great all around trike that is available in 3 sizes - making it suitable for both adults and children.

PLEASE NOTE: All Di Blasi products are made to order - and the Di Blasi factory closes for the entire month of August for the Ferragosto holiday as does most of Italy.
When they return in September, they start processing orders at that time. We alloy pre-orders during that period as a waiting list.

The Di Blasi R32 tricycle is an engineering masterpiece that is now available to riders in the USA.

The entire production process, including manufacturing of the frames, occurs in Di Blasi's Italian facilities - this guarantees quality control and an extended availability of spare parts.

The folding operation is fast and consists of three simple steps.
Unfolding takes even less effort.
DI BLASI folding tricycles offer an incredible level of convenience and useability that is impossible to obtain with any other trike.

The easy folding of the R32 makes storage more practicable.
The easy folding of the R32 significantly increases the trike's versatility.
The R32 is easily stowed in the trunk of a car, can be used away from home, on vacation, in the park, or wherever you wish.

+ High tensile carbon steel frame
+ Painted with polyester powders.
+ Step through only 19 cm / 7.5" from the ground
+ 20" wheels
+ Folding pedals
+ 5 speed twist grip gear changer with derailleur
+ Two V brakes on front wheel - with one functioning as a parking brake
+ Battery operated front and rear lights with on/off switch
+ Bell
+ Mudguards.

Height of the seat from the ground 90cm / 35.5" adjustable down to 81cm / 31.9" 82cm / 32.3" adjustable down to 77.5cm / 30.5" 70.5cm / 27.8"
Height of the seat from the pedal placed in the lowest position 84cm / 33" adjustable down to 75cm / 29.6" 74cm / 29.1" adjustable down to 69cm / 27.2" 62cm / 24.4"
Height of the handlebar from the ground 100cm / 39.4" 100cm / 39.4" 91cm / 35.8"
Distance of the seat to handlebar 43cm / 16.9" 43cm / 16.9" 38cm / 14.9"
Chainring 42 Teeth 42 Teeth 42 Teeth
Crank Length 170cm 170cm 170cm
Tires 48cm / 20" 48cm / 20" 48cm / 20"
Maximum Load 100kg / 220 lbs 100kg / 220 lbs 100kg / 220lbs


+ Folded - Length 68 x Width 28 x Height 62.5cm / 26.8" x 11" x 24.6"
+ Unfolded - Length 68 x Width x 69.5cm / 27" x 61" (Height adjustable with maximum of 82cm / 32.3"
+ Weight 21.4kg. / 47.2 Lbs

This item is already in the United States and ships quickly.