Di Blasi R70 Folding Electric Motor Bike - 48V 24Ah

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The Di Blasi R70 is the fastest, smallest and lightest folding E- motorbike ever made.

As the R70 is lightweight and relatively small and easy to handle, it is ideal for smaller women, who often have trouble riding full size E-motorbikes.

The R70 electric motor is simple in operation, resulting in a much less maintenance.
With no gears to worry about, the R70 offers ease of operation.
The R70 is ideal for those inexperienced on two wheels.
The R70 is clean, quiet, and unobtrusive.
The R70 is resistant to overheating so it can be stored quickly and safely in confined spaces.
The R70 takes less than 4 seconds to set up and no tools are needed.
The R70 is just as quick and easy when it is time to fold it back again.

There are other light mini E-scooters available in the market but only the Di Blasi R70 combines light weight and sturdiness.

Di Blasi has been making folding motorbikes, bicycles, and tricycles for almost 50 years.
Founded by Rosario Di Blasi, a former WW2 Pilot - now run by his two sons, Carlo and Carmelo, aeronautical engineers by trade. Di Blasi also makes folding bicycles and tricycles that are especially adapted to give the elderly and people with minor handicaps mobility and autonomy.

PLEASE NOTE: All Di Blasi products are made to order - and the Di Blasi factory closes for the entire month of August for the Ferragosto holiday as does most of Italy.
When they return in September, they start processing orders at that time. We alloy pre-orders during that period as a waiting list.

+ Maximum speed 40 km/h / 24 mph**
+ Maximum load capacity: 110 Kg / 242 lbs
+ 36 miles per charge*.
+ Charging time: 4 hours
+ 100% built by Di Blasi - accept no substitutes or imitations.

The main characteristic of all Di Blasi vehicles is the speed and ease in which they can be folded or opened without the use of tools and nothing to screw or unscrew.

The sturdy handles on the optional carry case allow easy portability of the folded E-motorbike, and the bag protects the interior of the storage area.

+ Perfect for anyone who needs alternate mobility
+ Recreation
+ Getting around crowded cities with parking problems
+ University students needing inexpensive transportation
+ Pilots of private planes landing on remote runways
+ Drivers of campers or motor homes
+ Boaters and yacht owners
+ Drift boat fishermen and river rafters
+ Hunters
+ Pit bike on race tracks
+ Big rig truck drivers
+ Trade show exhibitors
+ Roadside emergencies
+ Rental car companies and car repair services for pick up and delivery cars

+ Euro2 approval
+ Brushless Motor - Maximum continuous rated power: 1.15 Kw
+ Lithium Battery
+ Possible number of cycles: over 1,200
+ T4.00-5 Tires
+ Front and rear telescopic shock absorbers
+ Drum Ø 70 mm brakes
+ Weight:
With battery: 35.2 kg / 77.6 lbs
Without battery: 24.6 kg / 54.2 lbs

+ 69 x 36 x 63 (H) cm
+ Wheelbase 97.5 cm / 34.8"
+ Overall length 128 cm / 50.3"
+ Width 57.5 cm / 22.6"

* Dependent upon Speed, load weight, terrain and weather
** Dependent upon load weight, terrain and weather

Ships directly from Italy - expect delivery in 2 - 3 weeks.

Occasionally DHL will erroneously request Customs Duty at time of delivery.
if you are charged customs duty, please fax receipt to 201-815-2752 and we will completely reimburse you for the customs fee.

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