Dolce Vita MIRAGE Interchangeable Cycling Sunglasses

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Dolce Vita MIRAGE Interchangeable Cycling Sunglasses are manufactured to the highest standards including the requirements of the European Union, ANSI and the CPSC.

La Dolce Vita glasses are distinguished by the rider's ability to pick out details, the ability to judge differences in color and the ability to recognize distances between objects near and far.

La Dolce Vita glasses effectively protect the eyes from wind, sand, dirt and flying objects or insects.

Top-quality high-range sunglass in polycarbonate with interchangeable lenses.
Futuristic and elegant look.
Nose-pad in TPR anallergic material with anti-slip system.

The Mirage has five anti-fog lenses to meet all sorts of light and weather conditions:
+ smoke with flash mirror
+ dark orange
+ blue slightly mirrored
+ bronze mirrored
+ clear slightly mirrored - the white model has the blue revo lens

The MIRAGE is an aerodynamic cycling glass with an interchangeable lens system.

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