Eartec UltraLITE Wireless 2 Person Full Duplex System with 2 Headsets

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The Eartec UltraLITE Wireless 2 Person Full Duplex System with 2 Headsets is a self contained all-in-one design that eliminates belt worn radios.

The UltraLITE are breakthrough Full Duplex wireless headsets that provide hands-free two-way voice communication.
At the heart of this system is a specialty "Master" headset that relays the digital signals to the other "Remote" radio.
The resulting open line talking pattern allows both persons to talk simultaneously without pushing buttons.

The Mic Boom swivels 270 degrees so you can wear the microphone on the right or left ear.

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT Technology.)

Lithium Polymer Batteries provide 6 hour continuous operation.

No FCC Licensing - Ready to go right out of the box

No Belt Pack and talk simultaneously

+ 2 Person Wireless
+ 2 Single Headsets
+ No Belt Packs or Base Stations Needed
+ Two-Way Voice Communication
+ Hands Free
+ Range: 400 meters in open space
+ 4oz. Self Contained Headsets
+ No FCC Licensing Required
+ 270 degree Swivel Mic Boom
+ Full Duplex
+ Charger Included
+ DECT Technology
+ Just Turn on and Talk
+ Simple Silicone Sealed Power On/Off and Volume Controls
+ Auto Mute: Mic Boom Shuts Off When in the Up Position
+ Li-ion Batteries: Swap Out in Seconds

+ Optional Double Headsets
+ Optional Additional Charger
+ Optional Spare Batteries
+ Optional: Add up to 2 More Remote Headsets at a Later Date as Needed

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