Syntace XXS Aerobar
Syntace XXS Aerobar

Syntace XXS Aerobar


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The Syntace XXS Aerobar is the world’s lightest and shortest aerobar.
The Syntace XXS Aerobar features bio-mechanically superior, shock absorbing armrests

The Syntace XXS Aerobar is built in accordance with the ITU/DTU regulations (brake lever rule).

Ergonomically Superior
Ideal riding position, combined with minimized air resistance, reduce fatigue and increase rider’s capacity for speed. The Syntace XXS promotes an energy conserving posturing and supports your arms (with bowing armrests) just before your elbow - exactly where you need it.

Minimalist, Superslim Design
Combined with parallel grips and outstanding posturing features, the Syntace XXS cuts a fine figure on the racing cycle as well as on the triathlon machine, which complies with ITU regulations.

Suspended Comfort
With the included shock absorbers the Syntace XXS offers you more than 8 mm of controlled vertical travel beneath your forearms.
And the Zytel forearm cups won’t swivel out of position, so once they are set on the elastic wing-shaped jibs they will stay there.

Perfect Fit
The Syntace XXS installs with a single 5 mm Allen wrench and fits all standard handlebars.