Wound Up Carbon Steerer DUO 2 Tandem Fork 1-1/8" 700C


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The Wound Up Carbon Steerer DUO 2 Tandem Fork built for both Canti and DISC brakes.

The Wound Up Carbon Steerer DUO Tandem Fork is now made to order and has a 3 week turnaround time


The Duo 2 is Wound Up's compression molded upgrade to the Duo I, featuring the first filament-wound, all carbon crown in the industry.

With so much carbon, they shaved off a chunk of weight.
This monster is just as strong as its predecessor, with considerably less mass.
Amazingly light, yet plenty strong enough for the demands placed on it by two adult riders taking a steep downhill corner.
Plenty strong for the torsional forces that it experiences when you brake sharply while it carries four hundred and fifty pounds. Wound Up testing, makes sure that the DUO 2 will handle way more than you'll ever throw at it in its intended use.

WOUND UP's Technological edge on the competition is the result of over 40 years of experience providing a full range of composite structures for the defense and aerospace industries.

That's why X-WOUND technology is the most advanced and automated composite manufacturing process on the planet.
With X-WOUND they turn continuous filaments of carbon fiber into the highest quality composite cycling components.

DUO forks are compression molded to take advantage of Wound Up's unique fork leg profile.
The combination of these two innovations has created an incredibly high-strength, lightweight fork that dampens vibration better than any tandem fork we have seen.

+ Llightest disc brake fork available for tandems
+ Hardened Clear-Gloss Finish
+ 1-1/8" carbon steerer
+ 300mm threadless
+ Do NOT use a star fangled nut with this fork. Use only approved compression plug assemblies
+ 1-1/8" carbon steerers have a 20.5 mm inside diameter and 30.0 mm race diameter
+ Maximum recommended spacer stack height for all steerers is 45mm

WOUND UP is a Division of Advanced Composites and ALL WOUND UP products are made in the same factory as defense and aerospace composites


Canrilever or DISC 1-1/8" Carbon Threadless 45mm 390 560 grams
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