Wound Up Steel Steerer Carbon Road Fork Wound Up Steel Steerer Carbon Road X Threadless Fork - 700C Wound Up Steel Steerer Carbon Road Fork Wound Up Steel Steerer Carbon Road Fork
Wound Up Steel Steerer Carbon Road Fork

Wound Up Steel Steerer Carbon Road X Threadless Fork - 700C


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The Wound Up Road X Fork sets the bar for superior carbon fork design and function.

Twenty years ago, Wound Up released its road fork into an unsuspecting world.
Cycling hasn't been the same since.
Their manufacturing process revolutionized the industry in the nineties.
Substantial enough.

Wound Up designed the Road X to take whatever the road brings.
Shoot corners without a wobble.
Barely notice that rough patch.
Whoop with ecstasy at the responsive handling.
Laugh at other riders, secretly or with gusto.
Or not, depending on your propensity for schadenfraude.
Heck, we won't judge you.
It's normal to have difficulty containing yourself atop such perfection.

The Road X is sufficiently muscular for suave and confident handling, while still being as light as possible.
The optimally-oriented carbon fiber winding offers a higher torsional stiffness than other carbon manufacturing techniques.
The Road X isn't the lightest fork on the road, nor is it trying to be. It is, however, trying to be the most responsive, athletic, forgiving, rigid and stable ride available.

And safe: Wound Up refuses to endanger riders by competing in the arms race of ultralight design.
Their aim: engineer this fork to be substantial enough, without sacrificing performance.
Judging by our customer feedback, They hit the bullseye.

The Wound Up Carbon Steerer Carbon Road Fork is now made to order and has a 3 week turnaround time


So much of how a bicycle rides boils down to your choice of a front fork.
Wound Up's patented carbon forks combine unmatched lateral stiffness with plush fore and aft compliance.
What you get when you choose a Wound Up fork is precise steering and response coupled with lightning quick acceleration and power out of the saddle. Plus, the vibration dampening that's inherent in both the design and the materials used helps you conserve valuable energy throughout those long rides.

WOUND UP road forks have become the choice of the top racers in the U.S.
A National Amateur Criterion Champion and the most winning Master's team in cycling history are now enjoying the edge WOUND UP forks are giving them.

WOUND UP's Technological edge on the competition is the result of over 40 years of experience providing a full range of composite structures for the defense and aerospace industries.

That's why WOUND Up technology is the most advanced composite manufacturing process on the planet.
WOUND Up turns continuous filaments of carbon fiber into the highest quality composite cycling components.

WOUND UP is a Division of Advanced Composites and ALL WOUND UP products are made in the same factory as defense and aerospace composites.



700C 1" 300mm Carbon Threadless 40, 43, 45, 48mm 365 / 354 613 grams
700C 1" 450mm Carbonl Threadless 40, 43, 45, 48mm 365 / 354 720 grams