Green Guru Recycled Bike Tube Bi-fold Bicycle Wallet

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The Green Guru Recycled Bike Tube Bi-fold Bicycle Wallet is rugged with more than enough pockets, this wallet puts your green lifestyle and money in the same place.
Bike tubes make this particular product durable and expandable.

Recycled Materials used in this product:

Perfect for the environmentally conscious cyclist in your life!
Dimensions: 9"” x 4"

+ Unique, waterproof, non-marking MTB inner tube exterior
+ Interior is made from 100% Recycled PETE
+ Equipped with 6 sleeve pockets for cards and ID's
+ 2 full-length bill pockets for cash, receipts and other papers

We are all avid bikers who understand that thousands of pounds of rubber from our blown-out bicycle tubes (which are made from vulcanized rubber) have traditionally have been filling up our landfills.
Green Guru helps to stop this destructive process by bring life and value back into this material by converting it into usable products.

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