HERRMANS® H-ONE S Dynamo Head LED Light

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Thanks to many assembly options the HERRMANS® H-ONE S Dynamo head LED Light fits all types of bicycles.

HERRMANS® H-ONE S Dynamo head LED light gives a strong light output of up to 75 LUX.


Will run off any 6V Dynamo hub

The lamp is also equipped with stand light function as well as Safe Day and Night System.
The light is durable and both light up the road and is instantly noticeable, visibility increases safety.
Thanks to many assembly options the light fits all types of bicycles.

Herrmans is a Finnish company that makes some of the best dynamo powered bicycle lights in the world.

They may not be a household name in the US, but Herrmans was the first company in the world to produce LED-based bicycle lights - way back in 1989!

it can stand toe-to-toe with ANY dynamo bike headlight in the world, and will still be standing when the dust clears.
As you might expect, it's ready for harsh weather - after all it is made on Finland.

When your buddies are fumbling on the side of the road looking for spare batteries, you'll be riding with your path completely illuminated, and grinning ear to ear. Once you go dynamo, you never go back to batteries.

Cyclists who ride with dynamos the first time usually feel like they've just discovered warp drive, or perpetual motion, and wonder "why haven't I been doing this all along?"

This headlight is best-of-breed, full stop

+ Short stainless mounting bracket
+ Includes connections for a taillight
+ Standlight (internal capacitor) keeps light running for at least 4 minutes after stopping
+ Meets German StVZO regulation for brightness and beam pattern
+ Integrated passive reflector, adding yet another "to be seen" capability on top of the 2 LED daytime running light arrangement
+ 3 LEDs: the primary super bright headlamp and 2 bright daytime running lights

Note: this headlight requires a dynamo for power

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