HERRMANS® Primergo Jet DD23 Cork Ergonomic Bicycle Grip

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The HERRMANS® Primergo Jet dual density grip is manufactured with a unique cork blend that prevents pealing.

The HERRMANS® Primergo Jet dual density grip is both ergonomic and adjustable.

Apart from the appealing look and feel the grips are also ¼ lighter and smells wonderful. The angle of the grip is optimized for preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The fit is also optimized for the palm – releasing pressure from the Ulnar Nerve. The grips are phthalate free, PAH free, latex free as well as natural rubber free.

Herrmans is a Finnish company that makes some of the best Grips and dynamo powered bicycle lights in the world.

+ Length - 140mm
+ Weight - 77 grams

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