Inno Slim Fork Bike Roof Rack

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The Inno Slim Fork Bike Roof Rack has a light weight slim design.

The Inno INA387 Slim Fork bike rack features the latest Inno Racks innovations and is specifically designed for carrying road bikes with tire sizes from 18c to 35c. If pure good looks were all that counted, the INA387 Inno Slim Fork roof mount bike rack would be the hands down winner - gorgeous, sleek, low-profile design-styling that serves as the perfect host to transport any road bike - including classic touring road bikes, racing bikes and any triathalon bikes / time-trial bikes with disc wheels or deep dish wheels. However, engineering and high-tech innovation are what launch the Slim Fork ahead of the competition - rapid quick, no tools universal installation on virtually all factory racks as well as any aftermarket base roof rack crossbars from Inno, Thule, Yakima, Whispbar and more, over-sized quick release lever and adjustment with 'memory' for fast securing of bike fork to the fork block, included lock and keys to simultaneously lock bicycle to the bike rack and the Slim Fork itself to the roof rack cross bars, patented rear wheel holder for superior stability and functions just like a brake pad.

+ Light weight slim design
+ No tools required Universal Mounting System fitting square, round and most factory cross bars
+ Supports all wheel rim heights no straps required
+ Supports rear tires widths: 18c to 35c
+ Includes keys and locks

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