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Shutter Precision PL-8 Dynamo Hub - Disc Brake Shutter Precision PL-8 Dynamo Hub - Disc Brake Shutter Precision PL-8 Dynamo Hub - Disc Brake Shutter Precision PL-8 Dynamo Hub - Disc Brake
Shutter Precision PL-8 Dynamo Hub - Disc Brake

Shutter Precision PL-8 Dynamo Hub - Disc Brake


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The Shutter Precision PL-8 is designed for quick release forks and has CenterLock disc brake mounts.

Shutter Precision dynamo hubs offer a reliable, hassle-free lighting system that’s entirely integrated with your bike. Dynamo hubs contain a small electric generator within the hub that can power lights or other electric accessories—no charging necessary.

With low drag, industry leading weight and affordable price.

Dynamo hubs from Shutter Precision make for an easy upgrade for the commuter or bikepacker, and offer a great starting point for a custom wheel build

SP hubs have been tested for efficiency under the most rigorous German StVZO "golden standard" specification set for bicycle dynamos, at 15 km/h / 9.3 mph.

SP Dynamos produce the unmatched 72% efficiency when the lights are on, which makes them 17% more efficient than their competing German and Japanese rivals. This efficiency gap grows considerably wider as speed increases. SP Dynamos are currently the most efficient dynohubs on the market by class.

The SP Dynohubs are not just the most efficient, they are also the lightest hub dynamos available on the market.
60 and 10 grams lighter than the closest German and Japanese competitor.

The SP Hubs are also virtually drag-free, exhibiting respectively 50% and 25% less drag than their nearest German and Japanese rivals.

SP's High Efficiency reduces foot fatigue and yields a more comfortable riding experience.
The wheels build using SP Dynamos require less of the rider's energy to produce higher output with every rotation. SP are truly the most cyclist-friendly dynamos on the market.

+ Axle: 9 x 100 mm
+ Brake interface: Centerlock disc
+ Power rating: 3W