Kiddimoto Red BMX Balance Bike

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The Kiddimoto is a perfect gift for any budding BMX enthusiasts looking to enjoy the ramps at the local skate park.

The Kiddimoto BMX is suitable for ages three - five-years-old.

The Kiddimoto BMX is a stylish and practical way for your little one to develop the balance and coordination skills which are necessary to prepare them for a lifetime of cycling without the need for training wheels.

Retro handlebars will allow you to roll back the years with your child as you shred up the local skate park.
The aluminum frame and 12" pneumatic tires ensure that this eye-catching red BMX can withstand any knocks and bumps your child will endure.

+ BMX tires to ensure grip
+ Adjustable handlebars
+ Aluminum frame
+ Comfortable padded saddle can be adjusted in height
+ Modern Fun Design that triggers the imagination of your young rider
+ 12" Pneumatic tires
+ Develops confidence and independence

Kiddimoto is the UK’s original balance bike company.
They are renowned for producing award-winning balance bikes, 3-wheeled scooters and helmets for toddlers, preschoolers and young children.
Kiddimoto products help young riders develop confidence and independence.

If you are buying your child, grandchild, niece or nephew a bike as a gift, please show your love by including a helmet.
Helmets that will delight you special biker and add a protective cover to their riding adventures.
We offer fabulously designed children’s and youth sized helmets that will inspire your rider’s imagination.
If he or she already owns a helmet, please make sure it fits properly.
If the current helmet has ever taken a hit, you should consider purchasing a new one.

Kittimoto cycling helmets are a great option for any parent looking to keep their child safe whilst they are out on their adventures.
These children’s helmets do not just look great but also checks all the boxes for helmet safety standards.