Dolce Vita Carbon Fiber Dual-Function Mini Frame Pump and CO2 Inflator

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All Dolce Vita® pumps are of very high quality and 100% manufactured in Italy.

This dual-function pump is rated to 115 PSI and it really works.

If you run out of CO2 cartridges, the manual pump will still get you home, but takes more time and effort.
The pump head is reversible for use on either types of valves (road or mtb).

Mounting: fits any spacing of the water bottle bolts; requires cage to hold pump.

Reversible pump head for Schrader or Presta valves (mountain bike or road):
To change between Presta and Schrader, simply:
Unscrew the pump's copper valve head
Remove rubber insert, noting its orientation (snug but pulls out easily)
Remove the plastic insert, noting its orientation
Reverse the plastic insert and re-insert back in
Reverse the rubber insert and re-insert back in
Screw the pump's copper valve head back on
All of 10 seconds, see included instructions.

Precision fiber glass fiber tube
Metal valve cap
Nylon plastic handle.

CO2 cartridge can be of any size threaded, 1 x 12gm included.

Pressure can be regulated when inflating, by slowly turning the cartridge counter-clockwise.

Not dual-action, only pumps on the downward stroke.

Includes two plastic clips for mounting, no mounting screws are included.
Weight: 80gms for pump and 42 gms for CO2 cartridge.

Length x Diameter: 16cm x 2.2 cm