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Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack
Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack

Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch Rack

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Introducing the Raxter Stinger 1 Bike Hitch

The new standard for value in a wheel mount hitch rack.
RAXTER is lightweight, it's EASY to install, EASY to load, EASY to store!

The Raxter System is uniquely different from any other rack system on the market today.

Auto-Nesting feature:
The innovative design allows bikes to be shifted forward or rearward of each other
thus, eliminating the entanglement and damage that occurs with other bike racks.
The spacing mechanism allows the bikes to be saftley spaced close to each other.
This results in a compact and efficient rack with the flexibility to load any combination of bike styles or sizes. Now has innovative spring clip.

There are no small, intricate parts to rust or become gunked up from road debris.
RAXTER's simplicity makes it reliable.
Moving parts are minimized.
Simple yet effective, marine grade Velcro straps are utilized to provide absolute security for your bikes.

+ Included Hardware is black with a e-coating to help with corrosion resistance and long term appearance of the rack..
+ High grade Velcro straps rivets for added strength.
+ Instead of a Hitch Pin, Raxter provides a spring loaded snap pin. You simply push the pin in and insert the rack into the hitch.

This product sometimes ships in two boxes, and each box may come from different locations, so they may arrive at different times.

+ Captures the bicycle by the wheels only
+ Bikes load in just seconds
+ Light weight, simple design
+ Accommodates most styles/sizes of bikes and frames
+ No swaying causing scratching of vehicles and bikes
+ Bike wheels don't continuously spin while driving
+ No removal of front wheel
+ AutoNesting - Ability to move bikes forward/rearward prevents seat/handlebar interference.
+ Lowest cost of full tray systems

Q. Why does the Raxter use simple Velcro straps instead of "tech-ier" ratchets and buckles?
A. Velcro straps are easier and more intuitive to use, are easier to replace and more reliable.
Everyone knows how to use a Velcro strap

Q. Can the Raxter carry tandems or recumbents?
A. Yes and No
The Raxter can carry short and medium wheel base recumbents, and offers extensions that will accommodate long wheelbase (69") recumbents.

Q. Can the Raxter carry kids bikes?
One cool thing about the Raxter is that you can load any combination different sized bikes. No other rack can do this. Raxter can because it is independent of wheelbase and the bikes can be moved forward and back allowing "AutoNesting". The small (12" and 20") bikes are limited on how much forward and back movement can be achieved because of their small size.

Q. How do I lock my bikes to my Raxter?
A. We suggest cable lock(s) be routed through wheels and frames and then to the safety chain loops in the car's hitch.
If the cables are also wrapped around the rack, additional security would be provided to the rack itself.

Q. Can I extend my Raxter to carry a total of three bikes?
Quick installation and removal with only 2 bolts when you purchase an extension