20" Special Needs Sport No Pedal Balance Bike 20" Special Needs Sport No Pedal Balance Bike 20" Special Needs Sport No Pedal Balance Bike 20" Special Needs Sport No Pedal Balance Bike 20" Special Needs Sport No Pedal Balance Bike 20" Special Needs Sport No Pedal Balance Bike
20" Special Needs Sport No Pedal Balance Bike

Strider 20" Special Needs Sport No Pedal Balance Bike


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The STRIDER™ 20" Sport Balance Bike teaches children balance and coordination in a secure learning situation.

Also ideal for older kids and adults who cannot balance but who want the experience of riding a bicycle.

The 20" Strider is the perfect balance of simplicity, safety, performance, and FUN, without the weight and complication of pedals.

This bike is a WOW experience for anyone who are just learning to ride for the first time, kids who are dealing with special needs challenges, and kids who are tearing it up at the skate parks and BMX bike parks.

The bike's low seating allows children to place both feet firmly on the ground, providing them confidence and control.

The STRIDR™'s light weight adds to this feeling of control.
Because kids feel secure, their natural curiosity kicks in and they quickly learn to steer and to balance.
They are not afraid, but enthusiastic and eager to try new skills and to push themselves.

With the STRIDER™ there are no "trike tip-overs" or "training-wheel wobbles" to create fear, hesitancy, or rejection of biking.

With the STRIDER™ Balance Bike the need for tricycles or training wheels is completely eliminated, along with the accompanying fear factor.

The STRIDER™ is the only vehicle you will ever need to teach your child or grandchild how to ride a bike and to instil in him or her, a deep love of biking.

With a lowered seat and a no-pedal, kick-off design, teaching your kiddo to ride a bike is painless and fear-free.

If you are looking for funds to purchase a special needs product, click here for organizations that may be able to assist you.
We gladly provide personalized quotations to assist in grant applications.

+ Fits rider's inseam 26.5 - 32.25" / 67.3 - 81.9cm
+ Simple Lightweight design (9.6kg / 21.2lbs)
+ Maximum Rider weight -110kg / 242 lbs

A low 3 degree sweep highlight these standard 22.2mm, 600mm wide handlebars.
Pressed in bearings keep the 1 1/8" stem turning smoothly.

The cross terrain tires offer a smooth ride on all surfaces while maintaining traction in the dirt.
The tire size is 1.75 - 16 and offer a 42 lb. max psi inflation rating.

The fully padded seat is mounted on a rail allowing multiple front to back and seat angle adjustments.
A 25.4mm seat post comes standard on the 16" bike.
Seat height (rider inseam) ranges from 26.5 - 32.25" / 67.3 - 81.9cm.

Bar and seat clamps
Machined aluminum quick release allows “No Tools” saddle height adjustment.

Unique, footrests can be added or removed to adjust to the rider's size and ability.

Brake mount
Frame mounted front and rear v brakes grace the 16" model.
These brakes offer greater stopping power compared to a standard caliper style brake.

If you are buying your child, grandchild, niece or nephew a bike as a gift, please show your love by including a helmet.
Helmets that will delight you special biker and add a protective cover to their riding adventures.
We offer fabulously designed children's and youth sized helmets that will inspire your rider's imagination.
If he or she already owns a helmet, please make sure it fits properly.
If the current helmet has ever taken a hit, you should consider purchasing a new one.