YBIKE Evolve 3 in 1 Tricycle / Bicycle YBIKE Evolve 3 in 1 Tricycle / Bicycle
YBIKE Evolve 3 in 1 Tricycle / Bicycle

YBIKE Evolve 3 in 1 Tricycle / Bicycle

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Equal parts tough and smart - the YBike Evolve is fit for all the active riding kids are destined to do!

Once they have the basics of coordination and balance - kids find great satisfaction in riding! YBike Evolve is just the bike to help kids learn to ride a bike.

This 3 in 1 bike can be modified to best fit your child's level of ability.
Coordination, balance, and confidence improve with each change of the YBike!

Little feet get set on the pedals, and they’re off!
Two rear wheels are widespread for traditional stability.
Kids develop coordination and muscle strength as they push the trike pedals and steer the handlebars to move themselves along.

Balance Trike
A step up in challenge.
Modify the trike to create a first balance bike!
Push the safety release button and the pedals are easily removed.
Rear wheels, widespread in tricycle form, now swing together as one, creating one very wide tire.
Children are required to use more balance skill to ride, but have the comfort of feet running along the ground to propel themselves forward.

Advanced Balance Bike
Remove one rear wheel from the frame to create a sports bike with two single, parallel tires.
It is all balance! Kids push off the ground and must focus to stay upright.
As they cruise along faster, they may tip to the right and then to the left.
More muscles are at work to maintain balance and stability.

Balance, coordination, muscle strength and control... whatever phase your child is in, YBike Evolve takes them to the next level.

Brilliant design converts quickly for top-notch physical development!
True to its name the YBike Evolve grows right alongside your child.

+ 3 in 1 bike converts for constant developmental growth
+ Develops gross motor skills, coordination, balance
+ Able to withstand rough-and-tumble kid activity
+ 3 unique designs - tricycle, balance trike, balance bike
+ Beautiful red seat, handles, wheel frame, white fork and frame
+ Tricycle concentrates on mobility and coordination - widespread rear wheels, pedaling front wheel
+ Balance Trike focuses on stability - moves rear wheels to close parallel position, removes pedals
+ Balance Bike develops balance - features single front and rear wheels
+ Aluminum and fibre reinforced PP frame
+ Solid mold-on wide rubber wheels
+ 9" wheel size
+ Padded-grip handle-bars
+ Adjustable seat: 12.5-14.5"
+ Maximum rider weight, 66 pounds
+ Assembly required
+ Simple and easy conversion, basic tools required
+ Keeps children safe, active and constantly progressing