Rido R2 Comfort Saddle with Cromo Rails Rido R2 Saddle with Cro-Mo Rails - Country Brown Rido R2 Saddle
Rido R2 Saddle

Rido R2 Comfort Saddle with Cromo Rails

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The new version of the RIDO R2 Comfort Saddle has CrMo rails to reduce weight and increase strength.

NOW available to American cyclists.

The long overdue new edition of the award winning RIDO cycle saddle is now set to quietly take the cycling world by storm.

New cycling freedom
Where perineal (crotch) pain and discomfort were once serious and restrictive problem issues for countless numbers of cyclists, RIDO owners are now enjoying the uninhibited freedom of being able to ride as far and as long as their legs and fitness level will take them.

The Rido 2 manages pressure distribution so well that post-op prostate patients and prostatitis sufferers are unbelievably (to them) now back on their bikes.
Before RIDO they had all but given up on their enjoyment of riding a bicycle ever again.

Yet most importantly, this is not a strange looking, noseless medical saddle Far from it!
+ It has a nose like any other conventional saddle, because you need this to both effectively steer your bike and to keep you on it.
+ It has standard dimension parallel rails so as to fit any existing seat clamp.
+ It is no larger or heavier than a top-end sports saddle.

So what's new about the 'R2'?
+ In its new,design-updated and even more comfortable.
+ Function and aesthetics have been improved while maintaining the same patented shape, form and dimensions that are the foundations of the saddle's magic.

The R2's comfort level is quite remarkable.

More comfort
The comfort driven design development has resulted in the rounding of the ends of the 'Y' .
You do no feel the extremities of the saddle at all.
The R2's specially engineered new upholstered areas will undoubtedly please everyone.

More lift
Structurally, the Dual Density composite of skeletal frame and upper 'skin' has been 'tweaked' slightly to afford improved shape retention at the load bearing, rider/saddle contact areas.
The unique 'lift' factor is now maintained even better over the longest and most intense rides.

More style
And finally there's the conversion of all these new features into a good looking finished product.
The R2 will convert even the most ardent of cycling fashionistas and critics.

The R2 has been styled to not only deliver even more comfort but to win over absolutely everyone who rides a bicycle - racers and time trailers, triathletes, mountain bikers, tourers, commuters and leisure riders, men and women

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