SQlab 702 Trekking / City Comfort Bike Grips

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The SQlab 702 Trekking / City Comfort Bike Grips flows into a large, supporting wing.
The outer elevation protects the hand ergonomiclt.

The 702-grip’s extra-large wing supports the wrist. Pressure is comfortably and evenly distributed thanks to its very large surface area.

The raised end of the grip externally nestles against the side of the hand, while the inside is somewhat more elevated.
As a result, it specifically relieves the ulnar nerve, the median nerve and the carpal tunnel pass.

Ergobar offers a secure grip and optimum support for your fingers on the front and bottom of the grip.
The 702 is available in sizes S, M and L, thereby ensuring an excellent fit.
The grip clamp specifically moved from the outer to the inner side to increase shock absorption and comfort on the side of the hand.
As a result, the SQlab grip series is no longer compatible with twist grips

German engineering

Weight 306 grams

The clamp moved from the outside to the inside, which increases shock absorption and comfort on the side of the hand.
Thus, the SQlab grip series is no longer compatible with twist grips.

The unloading wing must be placed as far outside as possible to keep the carpal tunnel exit largely free and reduce the pressure.
Already easy, but constantly recurring pressure, over a long period of time, can lead to problems such as a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Relief of the ulnar nerve pressure
The measurements show that the maximum pressure usually occurs on the outside of the palm of the hand.
At this point the ulnar nerve, which supplies the two little fingers, disappears.

The carpal tunnel
A kink in the wrist especially a laterally overstretched wrist can narrow the carpal tunnel.
Similar to a kinked garden hose, through which no more water flows, the nerve information can no longer be transported through the narrowed carpal tunnel.
This problem only occurs in healthy people when the joint goes to “block”.
The cause is almost always a handlebar with too little bending to the rear.

S / 2
M / 3
L / 4
LENGTH (total)
139.1 mm
143.6 mm
145.8 mm
RANGE (measure at 1/3 of the total length)
108 mm
110.8 mm
123.7 mm
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