Tout Terrain Singletrailer Suspended MTB Child Trailer

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The Singletrailer is the ideal trailer for all mountain bikers who want to enjoy the trails together with their families.

With the Singletrailer, real mountain bike rides are possible even across the roughest terrain. Your child sits in an extra-light but highly durable CrMo steel chassis with a roll bar - and is cushioned by a custom shock that provides up to 200mm/8" of travel.

The Singletrailer is just under 18" wide – narrower than your mountain bike handlebars – and weighs just under 21 lbs.

+ A vertically adjustable 5 point seat belt guarantees the child´s maximum possible interior fixation
+ Bright visible colors in conjunction with reflective strips on all sides
+ Provides maximum visibility in the dark
+ Triple securing of the singletrailer/bike connection by a quick release cotter pin connection as well as a safety rope
+ Passenger seat, sewn from robust 1000 Cordura with PU foam filled for the prevention of cooling and overheating

1. "The singletrailer is unique: it’s designed with off-road riding in mind. with one seat and a single wheel, it’s no wider than the handlebar of the towing bike. The steel frame is robust yet light; the trailer weights under 10kg, with a carrying capacity of 25kg. Tout Terrain say it’ll suit children aged up to five, although my seven-year-old daughter was happy in it. it’s smooth to tow and comfortable for the occupant thanks to the rear suspension, which uses a mountain bike air shock. you can ride properly rough trails with no issues. The singletrailer mounts to the seatpost with an excellent, slop-free, ball-bearing pivot. some trailers with seatpost pivots handle oddly in corners, but the singletrailer is very well behaved. The passenger sits high up, which is good for seeing out and ground clearance on rough ground. it does mean that the centre of gravity is high, but there’s a sturdy folding stand for loading and unloading."
~ Cycling Journalist Mike Davis / Grouptest

2. "......a trailer that really follows where you ride on single-track off-road and offers better comfort to passengers in a lighter package ...."
~ bicyclenomad

+ Compatible with all wheel sizes (adult bike)
+ Custom valved, high quality air sprung shock for tuning the shock performance to your child's body weight
+ 160 (6.3") or 200 mm (8") of rear wheel travel (adjustable)
+ Stable and crash-proof frame with roll bar from CrMo steel
+ Lateral forces have hardly any effect on your child thanks to corner banking
+ Five-point safety seat belt with padding
+ High quality, comfortable seat made from breathable material
+ Seat with PU foam prevents the child from becoming chilly or overheating
+ High quality CNC-produced joint with ball-bearing for solid connection to the towing bike
+ Low rolling resistance due to single-wheel design
+ Easy to handle due to the low overall weight of just 21 lbs
+ Manufacturer recommends appropriate for children from 3 months (with baby carrier) to approximately 5 years of age / maximum of 55 lbs