Belize Tri-Rider Twin 6 Speed 24" TANDEM Adult Tricycle

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The Tri-Rider Twin 6 Speed 24" TANDEM Adult Tricycle has special high rise handlebars.
The Tri-Rider Twin is a great tricycle for those who do not wish to balance

+ 24" front and rear wheels
+ Large Rear basket
+ 3 fenders
+ Reflector kit
+ Front and rear hand operated brakes
+ Shimano 6 speed thumb shift.
+ Sturdy frame with ultra low step-over
+ Trike only 90 lbs.
+ Trike length 92”
+ The width at the rear axle is 30”
+ Stoker seat area is most suitable for a person less than 6' tall.
+ With standard tires recommended maximum combined weight of riders is 450 lbs. - can be more w/ installation of heavy duty tires from the industrial trike

Requires Assembly: General Trike Assembly Instructions Included.
We recommend professional assembly for this item.

Saddle with back rest for stoker
Saddle with back rest & Seatbelt for stoker
Extended 400mm seat post for tall folks.

Requires Full Assembly
The manufacturer’s assembly instructions are intended for a cycle mechanic or an experienced cycling enthusiast skilled in cycle maintenance and repair. As we want you to fully enjoy the incredible riding experience of an adult tricycle, we recommend that you ask your local bike shop to assemble your Tri-Rider. If you plan to have your local bike shop assemble your tricycle, use your local bike shop as your shipping address.