Velocity A23 Road Wheelset - 650b Velocity A23 Road Wheelset - 650b Velocity A23 Road Wheelset - 650b Velocity A23 Road Wheelset - 650b Velocity A23 Road Wheelset - 650b Velocity A23 Road Wheelset - 650b
Velocity A23 Road Wheelset - 650b

Velocity A23 Road Wheelset - 650b

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When using a 23mm wide clincher tire with the Velocity A23 Wheelset, you get the qualities of a tubular ride while retaining the convenience of a clincher.

The A23 has been called a "Clinchular" because:
+ it has a tubular ride (smooth ride quality, lower rolling resistance)
+ it has the convenience of a clincher (ease of installation, easy to repair a flat, low cost).

PLUS....FREE pre-installed velotape - if you are using tubeless tires select the VeloTape and Tubless Valve option.

If you are looking for a SPECIAL BUILD or COLORS WE DO NOT LIST, please call our Customer Service Team at 201-775-4274 and we will be pleased to add them to the options list for you.

1. We do NOT sell pre-built wheels.
2. We do NOT sell machine built wheels.
3. We do NOT substitute parts from other manufacturers - Velocity Rims / Velocity Hubs.
4. All wheels are built to order by a velocity Master Wheel Builder - then shipped to BikeMania - we in turn then ship the wheels to you.
Yes - the process takes more time - but you get a set of wheels you can trust were built to Velocity's demanding standards.

Velocity is dedicated to providing you with the best wheel values in the industry.
They offer wheels that are hand built to exacting standards.
With great looks, quality components and modest pricing, you will certainly find the wheels to fit your needs.

The A23 is the newest road wheels from Velocity.

The A23 partners the newly designed proprietary hub with the A23 rim.
The rear hub has offset flanges to provide precise tension, allowing for a symmetric wheel that is stronger and stiffer than a rim laced to a 'traditional' flanged hub.
Thus, the offset hub optimizes power transfer.
Using a 23mm wide tire with the A23, you maximize the tubular ride qualities while retaining the convenience of a clincher.
Increased cornering abilities especially at high speeds without sacrificing rolling resistance makes the A23 wheels THE set for crits and road races.FEATYRES:

SPOKES:DT Swiss Champion
LACING PATTERN:32 or 36 spoke 0X Front | 3X Rear

The rear wheel has half of the spokes in a 'two cross' lacing pattern, and half of the spokes in a 'radial' lacing pattern.
Velocity builds it that way to preserve torsional strength, add lateral strength and reduce weight.

A 23mm wide rim partnered with a 23c tire provides a profile similar to a tubular set-up without the hassle of glue or the risk of punctures.
This partnership between tire and rim allows for the plain between the two to be virtually the same, greatly reducing drag compared to a tire on a 20mm rim.
With the wider rim providing the ride quality of a tubular with a clincher tire, there is less rolling resistance.
The 23mm width allows for more flexibility in tire pressure depending on conditions and course.
Cornering is also vastly improved, especially at high speeds, due to the tires ability to maintain shape instead of slightly rolling with a narrower rim.

When using 23c tires, the wider A23 rim creates a constant tire profile, rather than getting pinched into the rim.
The overall ride quality is improved and the result is tubular-like ride quality from a clincher tire.

If you are a large rider, or if you place serious torque on your wheels, you might consider an OC (Off Center) rear rim.
With an OC rim, all spokes on the rear wheel will be the same length.
The off-center drilling leads to more balanced spoke tension between the drive and non-drive sides.

While these great wheels are available in both standard and machined finishes, we believe that for most riders quality rims that are properly machined are a far superior choice. Properly made rims with a machined sidewall give smooth braking even brand new, with no need for a break in period as with traditional rims.

If you prefer standard finished rims, please note that Velocity will only build standard rim A23 wheels with a 28/32 spoke count - to order your A23's with standard rims, please call our customer service team at 201-775-4274.

Velocity Rear Race Hub from Velocity USA on Vimeo.

+ 23mm for optimized contact patch resulting in lower rolling resistance
+ Wheel Size: 650bc
+ Tire Type: Clincher
+ Material: Alloy
+ Valve: Presta
+ SRAM 9/10/11 Compatible (use included spacer for 9 &10 Speed)
+ SHIMANO 9/10/11 Compatible (use included spacer for 9 &10 Speed)
+ Campanolo 9/10/11 Compatible


Tight tolerances require the use of a low profile rim tape like Velotape to avoid tire installation issues. Veloplugs are not recommended on A23 or A23 OC rims

Velotape for both traditional tires and tubleless tires:
Velotape is an excellent, lightweight solution to complete the seal of a tubeless ready rim OR simply as a rim strip for tubed applications.