Velocity Clydesdale Wheelset - DISC


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When Velocity builds a DISC wheelset for Clydesdale riders, every aspect of the wheel has been thought through.
From selecting the proper rim for application and tire width, to the type of hub that provides these riders with the strength and durability they expect from a handbuilt Velocity wheel.
The final piece Velocity considers is spoke count – for this they a simple guide for selecting the proper wheelset.

For individuals between 200 lbs to 229 lbs Velocity recommends a front and rear spoke count of 32 each.
For individuals between 230 lbs and 259 lbs, a front and rear spoke count of 36 each.
For individuals between 260 lbs and 300 lbs a front spoke count of 36 and a rear spoke count of 40.
These serve as guides for the wheelset that will be best serve you, - please do not hesitate to contact us with questions you might have with your wheelset, we are happy to help!

1. We do NOT sell pre-built wheels.
2. We do NOT sell machine built wheels.
3. We do NOT substitute parts from other manufacturers - Velocity Rims / Velocity Hubs.
4. All wheels are built to order by a velocity Master Wheel Builder - then shipped to BikeMania - we in turn inspect them, then ship the wheels to you.
Yes - the process takes more time - but you get a set of wheels you can trust were built to Velocity's demanding standards.

Cliffhanger 700c: 45mm - 65mm tires
Cliffhanger 650b: 45mm - 65mm tires
Cliffhanger 26”: 45mm - 65mm tires
Chukker 700c: 25mm - 38mm tires
Deep V 700c: 19mm - 28mm tires
Atlas 26”: 28mm - 45mm tires
Atlas 650b: 28mm - 45mm tires
Atlas 700c: 28mm - 45mm tires

ATB Front Hub
ATB Rear Hub

Sapim Race



700c: 1140g/1420g
650b: 1085g/1365g
26": 1040g/1320g

Wheel based upon strongest geometrical pattern - not on any historic superstition of more crosses being stronger…that idea came about because higher spoke count wheels simply require more crosses in the pattern and so more crosses became synonymous with strength, when really the driver of strength is spoke count