Vintage General Brigadier Whitewall Bicycle Tire 20 X 1.25

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The Vintage General Brigadier Whitewall Bicycle Tire is a must have for your Schwinn Sting-ray Fastback or other vintage model restoration project.

Whitewall =1-3/8"

Antique bicycles are extremely hot with collectors and dealers these days.
One of the first items to replace on an antique cycle are usually the tires.
Many of these classic cycles are lightly restored for display and an authentic set of vintage bicycle tires can be very difficult to find.
The Coker Tire Company offers these General Brigadier retro bike tires as new old stock (NOS), perfect for displaying in museums and collections.

Coker New Old Stock tires are offered for display purposes only.
They offer all of the authentic details of their brand new siblings at a reduced cost.
New Old Stock tires from Coker Tire Company are not intended for use on the road and are offered with no warranty.

Wheel NOT included - shown fore illustrative purposes only

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