Velocity Tandem Wheelset Velocity Tandem Wheelset Velocity Tandem Wheelset Velocity Tandem Wheelset Velocity Tandem Wheelset Velocity Tandem Disc Wheels
Velocity Tandem Disc Wheels

Velocity Tandem Wheelset

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The Velocity Tandem wheelset features a 40 spoke front and 40 spoke rear.

The rear hubs are available with 135 or 145mm spacing to fit your needs.
Built with 14g stainless steel spokes and laced in a 4 cross pattern, this set will provide the strength and reliability you can count on.

These Wheels can be customized in a number of wayso if you need something different,
e-mail our Customer Service department and we will be pleased to price your customized wheelset

All Velocity wheels come with our best rim strip solution, Velotape for rims with a tubeless webbing and Veloplugs for rims with traditional/non-tubeless webbing.

We can't give you a warm blanket on a cold night, but we can give you a touring rim that won't leave you stranded.
The Cliffhanger is the best tool for your next adventure.
A travel companion that will never complain, give up, or use your last new tube.

Strength comes first...short and stout sidewalls guard against pinch flats and denting from impacts: a pothole, a rocky descent, or dodging that rhino outside of Jakarta.
A generous 25mm internal rim width allows more tire contact with the road which supports you and your gear more safely and comfortably than conventional narrow rims.

Deep V
This rim is the jack-of-all-trades.
The deep section creates strength, aerodynamics and durability.
Use it for training, racing, commuting, touring, track bikes or anything else you can think of. If you want one rim that can do it all, this is the one.

One of the most versatile rims in Velocity's lineup.
The Dyad is a bit wider than most, making it a great choice for a tandem.

The Fusion is the perfect combination of the features/benefits of the Aerohead and the Deep V.
Light like the Aerohead, strong and durable like the Deep V, but with less weight.
The perfect balance of weight and strength.

1. We do NOT sell pre-built wheels.
2. We do NOT sell machine built wheels.
3. We do NOT substitute parts from other manufacturers - Velocity Rims / Velocity Hubs.
4. All wheels are built to order by a velocity Master Wheel Builder - then shipped to BikeMania - we in turn then ship the wheels to you.
Yes - the process takes more time - but you get a set of wheels you can trust were built to Velocity's demanding standards.

Velocity is dedicated to providing you with the best wheel values in the industry.
They offer wheels that are hand built to exacting standards.
With great looks, quality components and modest pricing, you will certainly find the wheels to fit your needs

+ ATB Disc Front Hub (or Rim Brake for with Deep V if needed - see selections)
+ Tandem Disc Rear Hub (or Rim Brake for with Deep V if needed - see selections)
+ Spokes: DT Swiss Champion
+ Nipples: Brass
+ Lacing Pattern: 40 spoke 4x

Weight (Front/Rear):
26" Dyad: 1,025g/1,220g
26" Atlas: 1,125g/1,320g
26" Cliff Hanger: 1,160g/1,350g
700c Atlas: 1,215g/1,410g
700c Cliff Hanger: 1,265g/1,460g
700c Deep V: 1,135g/1,330g
700c Dyad: 1,115g/1,310g
700c Cliffhanger: 1,265g/1,450g

1. VeloPlugs - Say goodbye to rim strips
Incredible blowout strength and takes well over 400psi.
Tires start to fail long before the Veloplug.
Tire mounting is easier with the Veloplug.
Rim strips take up a lot of space making tires more difficult to mount.
With the sleek and slippery Veloplug, mounting tires becomes easy.
Spoke replacement is simplified as there is no need to remove a sticky strip.
Just pop out the Veloplug over the offending spoke and pop it back in when repairs are complete.
They can be used over and over.